Blast Rooms

AIRBLAST Blast Rooms come in any required dimension. The rooms are modular built from steel panels. Easy access to the blast room on one or both sides, is provided by sturdy folding doors suspension by special hinges with thrust bearings.

Blast Rooms Equipment 

Airblast designed high efficiency filters to clean the dusty air. To save energy this clean air can be returned into the blast room. An adjustable valve system guarantees an under pressure to prevent dust emission from the room.

Ensure efficient use of blasting media due to recycling.

An abrasive reclaim system transports the spent abrasive to a cleaning unit consisting of elevator assembly, airwash separator and silo. Optionally the unit can be extended with a rotary screen and magnetic separator to allow for simultaneous use of metallic and non-metallic abrasives.

Allow high quality blasting in a controlled environment.
Airblast has completed many Blast room projects in the Europe, the Far East and the Middle East. Shipyards such a Gdansk and Keppel utilize Airblast Blast rooms.




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