World leader in the supply of reliable and advanced robotic abrasive blast-cleaning systems.

Blastman Robotics Ltd has over 30 years’ experience in delivering unique innovative solutions and tailored applications, applying the very latest advanced technologies for road and rail transport, foundries, wind power and energy, diverse steel structures, aerospace and much more.


Increasingly the number one choice for blast-cleaning installations in the entire world is the Blastman Robot, which can be incorporated in the supply of entire abrasive blast-cleaning and surface treatment lines.


• Constant surface quality
• Optimized nozzle and angle
• Desired cleanliness and roughness
• No human error


• Multiplied blasting capacity
• Φ16-19 mm nozzles
• High velocity
• Nozzle oscillating
• High precision
• Non-stop operation


• Engineered for harsh environment
• Hit resistant
• Dustproof
• Continuous performance


• Customer-tailored applications
• Blasts complicated structures
• Reaches difficult areas
• All abrasives applicable


• Man-free blast room
• Airconditioned control room/cabin
• Protect suit, helmet and breathing system no longer needed


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